black spots on garden slide, any advice please

    ok so ive bought a second hand plastic slide today as i couldnt afford a brand new one, i noticed there was black spots all over and thought i could do a makeover on it and it would look ok. since fetching it home ive scrubbed at it wid bleach and cif and it wont budge, any help please



    its mold in the plastic, not sure you'll ever get it out


    Rinse the bleach off very very thoroughly or the suns natural bleaching affect will be accelerated quite drastically

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    is it really, gosh i didnt know ive been lookin on net but couldnt see anything, thanks for heads up

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    thanks now that its been pointed out that it could be mold done another search and it came up with a good explantation…tml, basically leave diluted bleach on for 15mins, then use a steel wool brush then rinse and dry and try and leave in a sunny place (sun rays will kill it) and try to dry it off after rainy days, worth a shot, many thanks everyone

    I don't know how big it is? But we had a small one from Little Tykes (for around age 2 I think), it came apart quite easily.. could you take it apart and soak the bit/s in the bath with some oxy cleaner, the fizzing type stuff? Be careful with it though, it would need to be rinsed well or you'll get the bleaching problem again

    Or jet wash it (if you have one!)
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    Another thing you could use it the dettol anit mildew spray.. you can pick them up from the pound shop etc... I use it in my bathroom and sing area when black spots develop on the silicon sealant. And it take it off in a flash (not to be mixed up with the brand!) give it a quick rinse and then for extra protection wash off with soapy water.

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