Blackberry - £15 a month?

    Basically, I'm looking for a Blackberry that can offer Unlimited texts, unlimited internet and any amount of minutes.
    I don't use minutes that much but would like to have them. Does anyone know where I can get a deal like this please?

    I've seen a deal which is on Virgin ... Blackberry 8520. Virgin Media do it for £15, 100mins, 500 Texts, Unlimited Blackberry Services & Email, Web Access, unlimited phone calls to other people on the same network.

    That seem's pretty good, 500 texts is a good thing too, but would prefer unlimited as I do go through them pretty quick.

    Can anyone better that deal, though, please?


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    Doesn't have unlimited internet or texts does it, mate?

    then there are no other deals

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    Fair enough. Thank you anyway

    Go on on virgin they got a deal going

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    Yeahhh, my mate went on that deal.

    He's on the £10 a month, unlimited internet, 250 texts and mins.

    What's the £15 offering please?

    It always seems to total up to £20 when I click on £15 Hahaha
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