Blackberry 8100 unlock code

Found 1st Jul 2008
Im looking to unlock my blackberry pearl, it is currently locked on vodafone. any ideas on were i can get a unlock code from free? I have tried vodafone but for some reason they are charging me £20
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local market or stall may do em
Your local high street mobile phone shop should not cost more than a £10 and a mininum of £5.

Another place is ebay....but you know of ebay not all unlock codes work.

You could try uniquephones.....just tap that in google --->> I havnt got anything unlocked from them before though
Are you on contact? If so, If you phone up vodaphone customer services they HAVE to give it to you for free. there was a post about this on here a few months back. My mum got a N95 delivered and the same day i phoned vodaphone up and they gave me the code. Its something to do with a new rule coming out or something. Definately right though as vodaphone confirmed it to me. They probably charge in store but they will give it to you on the phone they will ask you for the IMEI number and take them about 5 mins. If they say they wont then ask to speak to a manager. Im sure they will though!!
Its on pay as you go
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