Blackberry 8520 Problems connecting to PC


    I received a Blackberry 8520 last Tuesday with a Orange 24month contract and everything has been fine until I tried to connect it to my Laptop. The Laptop can see the phone but with the software from Blackberry wont let me share media i.e put music on my phone.

    I have mass storage enabled on my phone but its like the pc cant see the phone in that way although when I plugged the phone in it found the necessary drivers. Its been really frustrating as have spent most of the weekend trying to sort it out.

    Anyone have any ideas?.


    Do you mean the Blackberry 8520? If you want your computer to recognise it as a drive, the Blackberry software has to be closed/inactive when you plug in your device.

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    Thanks for the reply, Yeah sorry its the 8520. I will try that out and see what happens thankyou.

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    Do you mean disable the mass storage option on the device when I plug it into the pc or dont activate the desktop BB software. I can see the F driver external option under my computer but when you click it nothing happens.

    Leave the mass storage option active on your phone, and don't activate the Desktop BB software. It should come up as a separate drive. You should then be able to drag and drop items straight to folders within the drive (i.e Pictures, Music, Ringtones etc)

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    Hi I have already tried this and the (F) drive comes up and when I click on it nothing happens. The problem is it seems to be half connected where the pc can see the Blackberry but cant media share whatsoever.
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