Blackberry 8900 Javilin (new Curve) Help

Found 19th Aug 2009
i have a BB8900 and it has always come up with this error message

uncaughtexception:net.rim.device.api.system.Object ReadOnlyException (in a black box)

usually i just take out the battery or press the back button a cupping of time and it works but now it just keeps coming up when i try see my call list

i was just wondering if anyone has ever had this problem and if they know of a quick fix

thanks for all that can help rep will be added
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try cleaning the sim contacts with a bit of tissue and surgical spirit or similar
you could do a battery pull... (which is pulling the blackberry battery while switched on and leaving it removed for 30seconds before placing it back)

or do this....

1.Start BB Desktop & connect phone
2.Click backup & restore
3.Click Advanced
4.In the right window, scroll down to Phone call log & select
5.Click the clear button
No more uncaught exception errors
Blackberry forums will give you more info on anything blackberry...…tml

this particular issue is phone log related..or you could just do a wipe and re-activate it.

try cleaning the sim contacts with a bit of tissue and surgical spirit or … try cleaning the sim contacts with a bit of tissue and surgical spirit or similar

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Rupee Man;6062110

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actually had a similar error on my xda2 and this sorted it, the phone was getting read errors on the data from the sim
well....good luck to time your phone screws can bring out that pot of brasso and start polishing!!
cheers for all the help i did try both of them ideas befor you would be surprised how many times taking the sim out and back in can fix the prob but not the case on this one

i have fixed it now had to back it up on the pc and then do a phone wipe then reinstall the stuff and fingers crossed.

its working fine now cheers anyway guys
no problem john.. most things are solved by battery pull on blackberries..but certain issues can be fixed by firmware upgrade too..again backing up is ideal..however firmware upgrades do do a backup..(sometimes it can crash though) but i havent had any issues..I have used alot of blackberries for last 5 years..
yer cheers i have sold alot of them but only my one seems to be giving me issues out of the 8900's. but its working fine atm still not perfect but its not the most look after phone. cheers for all the help.
No 3g!!!!!!!!!!
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