Blackberry advice needed

    Need some advice, I've upgraded to a Blackberry 9700, not got the best of deals, but currently I pay £25 plus an extra £5 per month on my last contract for unlimited internet which has rolled over onto my new contract as I've kept the same price plan, but I have been told by a friend that with a Blackberry I need to have the Unlimited Blackberry option, as well as the unlimited internet?

    I'm confused, and worried I may have made a costly error and wonder if anyone can shed some light on this



    Depends on your usage. Without the BB add on you cannot use the BB IM, the BB email service, MSN Messenger that is on the BB.

    But you can use third party apps for email, IMs, and the internet will still work fine.

    Source: Owner of a BB 8900 Curve for over 6 months and never had BB add on.

    the blackberry service is only essential if you require dynamic email and calendar, if you can wait till you connect or your scheduled replication then it is not worth the extra cost

    Blackberry advice needed

    Don't suck it or you'll get a Bluetooth.
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