Blackberry Bold 9700

Found 3rd Jul 2010
Basically looking to get a BB9700, but want the cheapest possible contract cost per month, not to worried on 18 or 24month contracts. I need 100-200mins, 500texts, and 500mb+ internet per month. I'm new to the idea of a BB a so im not to clued up on how the BBM/BIS etc all works, so if anyone could explain that to me please, like would you need to pay for internet and then pay for the BB service, or does the BB service come with internet included, etc. I don't mind upfront costs for the phone but they need to be reasonable, and anything under £20/m is worth considerable depending on the upfront costs
Anyone know any good deals then
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O2 do some cracking blackberry only tarrifs, I've got the 9.99 deal which is 300mins unlimited texts and Internet and also includes bb email.. This is sim only mind And 12 month contract.. If u can afford it I'd check eBay out for ur phone and bag this deal from o2..
nice idea, however the initial outlay of £250+ isnt practical for me...
dialaphone has a deal on BB 9700 on O2 18 month contract with cashback works out 21.67/pm thats with 300 mins+ unltd txt + 500 MB BB internet & mail + unltd wifi
I'll be wary dealing with dialaphone - reviews of them are very poor.
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