Blackberry Bold 9780 - White

    Looking to purchase this on o2.

    Sim Free would be just as useful!

    Does anyone know the best prices around?



    On forums usually around £280ish

    Original Poster

    wouldn't mind the warranty, and the peace of mind from the company themselves other a person. The other half would literally chop it off if the seller decided to block it...

    You usually get delivery notes. Less chance of being blocked on a forum rather than a stranger on gumtree for example.

    If not then sim free there are around £370ish…tml

    Original Poster

    alrite, will keep my eye on the fs/ft

    you won't get warranty if its locked to a network even with a receipt/delivery note.

    Clearly states in the blackberry t&c, you'll have to buy directly to get warranty.
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