Blackberry Bold Help

    Hi guys,

    Looking for a bit of help if possible.
    Just bought the wife the phone she wanted, a Blackberry Bold 9780.
    I am wondering what things I could do on it to set it up nice for her.

    I have linked her email and facebook accounts, and that is pretty much all I know how to do.

    Any help is appreciated.



    blackberry messenger, blackberry app world (to get games etc) , thats it really not much more to set up except hotmail and fb which youve already done mate

    Original Poster

    Thanks, think I have set up messenger, how do you go about setting up the workd thing.

    should be in applications or downloads, or they set it up in shop for you, or you could set wifi up if it isnt already set up and download it off here onto your pc or via the blackberry phone.

    Original Poster

    whats the best apps to get for the phone, ideally free ones

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