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    I'm looking to get a blackberry on contract. I was just wondering what the best deals are out there at the moment. Any blackberry will do (except pearl). I am looking for around 500 minutes and including the blackberry bolt on. I have looked and looked but cant seem to find any really good ones with cash back or anything. Thanks in advance x


    Not great phone for people over 18…ONS

    Good phone, half decent price…ONO

    Btw not sure if i did right with the bolt on thing, and also if your going to spend that much on a phone might well be worth thinking of an android or iphone instead

    I have had various blackberrys over the years as enjoyed their push email facility but their 'new phones' are still two to thre years behind everyone else now.Their apps are three to four time more expensive han android/apple apps and the touch screens are like first gen iphones.

    Unless you 'need' RIMs fantastic push email facility for say work or access to the enterprise server facilities, an iphone instead as it is so much more quicker and advanced! As i have done!

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    thanks, i will have a look at the iphone and find out what an android phone is lol x
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