Blackberry curve 8900/or the storm which 1 and why

    Blackberry curve 8900/or the storm which 1 and why


    I use a curve 8900 for work and i find kb too small for my fingers , not sure if storm is any better
    plus the trackball stopped working for a few days , and then just worked again ,

    I'd say the Curve, the Storm has a very poor reputation and the firmware updates don't really seem to be resolving these issues properly at all. If you check the Vodafone forums at you'll find a lot of unhappy Storm users but those with Curves seem much happier.


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    i agree with you john show far curve is the winner in my eyes

    I tested both at work. The Storm still has terrible firmware issues, as mentioned. Reception is terrible. Also no Wifi on a Storm. If you are already an accomplished Blackberry user, you will find that the Storm totally destroys your typing speed. Personally I find the touch screen a poor imitation of the Iphone, and barely usable.

    Of the two, I'd take the Curve.
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