Blackberry has swiped my images. Any advice?

    I received an Iphone last christmas and stupidly waited until June to retrieve all my images from my old blackberry. When I came to get my images off, I forgot my password and ended up having everything wiped off. I've managed to get a fair few images back that were saved to the phone, however i've only managed to get a handful of images from my sim card. My sim card was corrupt before the system swiped everything so I think that may be a reason why i'm finding it difficult to retrieve my images. The images that i am unable to retrieve are of the first year of my first born's life so i am absolutely devastated. I've brought it to a gadget specialist and i've downloaded quite a lot of programmes (probably viruses) but no luck. Can anyone help me or suggest anything else I can do to get my images back?

    Any advice would be much appreciated!!


    I don't think you could now unless there is a special software out there

    Get someone to report you as a paedophile - the police WILL get everything possible off there and prove your innocence.

    Seriously though, unless the sectors have been written over the data is still there. Expert advice from experts (see a theme emerging here?), it will be expensive and if the card was corrupt already it is going to be a gamble.

    Lesson learnt? Upload frequently. Good luck.

    Images wont be saved on your sim?

    Original Poster

    My bad I meant memory card.

    The paedophile idea is good, however it would probably go down on record which won't help me with further jobs!

    Original Poster

    Future jobs*

    No advice on memory cards, just know pictures cant go on Sims... Hardly a fountain of knowledge me haha, good luck getting them back anyway I feel for you losing your baby pics

    try this

    Install ZAR, then insert the damaged SD card into your PC's card reader. Launch ZAR. (You may have to disable your PC's security software, in which case we recommend you also disable the internet connection).

    When prompted, click the Image Recovery (Free) option. This will help you to recover photos from an SD card.

    ZAR will now look for devices that are installed, and you need to point it toward the offending SD card. Select the correct disk and click Next. ZAR will now analyse your SD card. This will take a few minutes.

    Once this is complete you'll see a list of the recovered files. On most SD cards the chances are that clicking the 'Root' checkbox will select all the images. Click Next and you can then select the folder into which recovered files will be placed. By default this will be the same as the folder your chose to save (so 'Root', in all likelihood).

    One important point: you will be asked to select a destination folder for the recovered files. Make sure you choose one on your PC's hard disk and not back on to the corrupt SD card. The latter option will help you not one jot!

    It will take a few minutes for the files to copy across. Once this is complete browse to the destination folder you selected. You should find most if not all of the files you wanted to rescue.
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