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    Hi guys, looking at getting the blackberry curve 8900, just wondering what the software is like on a Mac? Does it work ok?



    There is a MAC version of blackberry desktop manager. Was released couple of months ago.

    Is this what you are asking about?…jsp

    Blackberry has tested it and it does work.. As it has gone through testing stages.

    Personally, I dont think you would need to use it regularly, unless you backing up your apps/all data and doing restores..

    or doing a firmware upgrade.

    I have a 8900 and dont use it for music...its not great for that purpose.*yet*

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    Yeah that was what i was on about-all i read about was bad reviews on pocketmac!

    Thanks! :thumbsup:

    Well.. personally, The desktop manager is just basic thing. I hardly ever use it. dont think a bad review by a website shouldnt make it an issue. You gotta know its someone's opinion and there are so many people out there writing reviews you have to check if they are technically savvy at times...

    I see a lot of people on gadget shows on TV talking real nonsense about products they played around for a day and have background on the knowledge of what else is out there....

    let me know how you get on.. Atleast you have the desktop manager software for MAC's now..few months ago it wasnt even an option...So count yourself lucky...
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