Found 23rd Oct 2010
my son wants a blackberry phone for his 12th birthday. I have seen the curve i think its called for £140 but i was just wondering if there is anywhere i could get one cheaper. I would even consider a second hand one as long its it really good condition and boxed etc. thanks in advance for any


I believe virgin media do a contract with the curve free for £15pm. £10 if you're a virgin media customer.

thats your best bet and probably cheapest option (regarding what dcx said above)

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You know you have to pay like £5 a month for Blackberry services to use … You know you have to pay like £5 a month for Blackberry services to use Blackberry messaging, emails, internet etc. If you won't be paying that then don't get a blackberry as most of it won't work. Just making sure you know.

i honestly know nothing about blackberry's. my son has just been pestering because all his friends have one. i will tell him i will pay £2.50 and he can pay the other £2.50 out of his pocket money. Will his o2 sim still work in there? he has one of those £10 a month sim only contracts.x

Aren't Blackberry's aimed at buisness type peeps? Great for email and organising but poor for media, camera and basically fun stuff a 12 year old would love?

Chip thats exactly it, but theres a bit of a blackberry craze for teens atm, all my friends (17-18 y/o) suddenly upsticks from there iphones and whatnot, and got blackberry bold 9700s, like an overnight BBM stampede, anyway guess it sorter trickled down to the younger ones now...

I've got a blackberry great for emails and work purposes and like myself dont really like touch screens

I've got BB Bold and use it mainly for emails and net etc. Its excellent. Daughter (17) was desparate for BB Curve too but reviews showed they were breaking easy as they're the cheap end of the BB brand. I ended up getting her a Nokia C3 which is a copy of the BB and supposed to the "Blackberry for kids" and a quarter of the price. Got it new for £60. She loves it as it looks just like a BB and uses it for texting, browsing the net and calling. Also got her the T-mobile sim deal for £7.50 that was on here not long ago which is 500 mins, unltd texts and 3GB internet so bargain all round.
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