Blackberry help plz

    I put this on MSE mobiles board but thought I might get some advice here

    I currently have a nokia n96 on tmobile flext 40 free web n walk... well I have had enough of my n96 it cracks me up! ...

    I have ordered a Blackberry 8520 on tmobile payg... so I wana know can I just put my contract sim and carry on? do I need to subscribe to anything? thanks


    You'll need the Blackberry Internet Service (£7.50) on top of your web & walk... If you subscribe to the BIS for the remainder of your contract, they'll reduce the monthly amount to £5...

    Hope this helps ;-)

    you will if you want to use the blackberry service

    Original Poster

    thanks.. i got a lot to learn lol

    Would you be selling the n86?
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