Blackberry on Payg - Tarrifs on uk networks?

    hello people.. just wanted to know if anyone knew of or have a blackberry on pay as you go, on which network are you on and how much are you paying for the internet add on?
    just so i can get an idea of all the networks and how much they for.
    iv been looking on the network sites but i cant find anything straight forward.
    i know orange u top up and they take 5 quid for blackberry services and o2 dont offer it.. so any ideas for any other networks?


    i was told you cannot get blackberry services on a PAYG when i was looking for one for daughter for xmas

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    yea u can on orange. u top up bout a tenner it is n tey take 5 quid for the internet services.
    i wana find out if anyone else got it on another network n how much.

    You can buy a PAYG Blackberry Pearl on T-Mobile which includes 12 month's internet. These were going for about £90 a few weeks ago. They're now a lot dearer like ]here
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