Blackberry or blackberry type phone

I want a blackberry, either unlocked or on o2 network- dont mind if its used or brand new etc- if used/refurbished then maximum price is £70 and if its new then maximum price is £100.
However, If you have, or know where i can get a phone which is like a blackberry(has the qwerty keyboard and preferably has wifi etc) then i dont mind having something like that. Used/refurbished maximum is £30 and brand new maximum is around £50 depending on phone(for all prices really)
Thanks in advance


I have a blackberry 8820, in good condition, unlocked but badged O2, £57 inc SD postage. Paypal gift.

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No, sorry. Would prefer a newer model. Thanks anyway

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Also, i dont mind having contract if its less than around £12 a month and has to be a 12 month contract.


No, sorry. Would prefer a newer model. Thanks anyway

You probably need to specify what you want a little more or your thread will get locked for excessive bumps with offers

I know of a blackberry 8900 curve for sale for £110 inc if you are interested?

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Would you be able to go cheaper? Around £60?

Sorry its my sisters and a fixed price including delivery. Its most likely to be sold on ebay after a few days due to me not having feedback on here as im new.
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