Blackberry or not to Blackberry that is the question

    Hi all,

    I've been a devout pocket pc person since Nokia bought out their original 9000! many moos ago, moving on to a HP, then XDA and now to the MDA/M600 orange phones.

    I'm moving to the NTL virgin contract - what a deal!!! and thinking of whicj way to go with a new phone

    My dilmena is purely, I am a Mac user now, and short of spending lots of a piece of software to sync it and not that good as I've trialled it - I think Blackberry is the way to go as a Temporay until the iphone comes out and becomes a better priced option!!

    So should I get a blackberry, I love a Address book, PDa, not sure about no touch screen as scrolls and I dont get on. But I want it to sync with entourage, Thunderbird/mozilla or even Mail/ical on the mac

    appreciate any thought.:thumbsup:


    I had a blackberry for about three months through work and I loved it at first but the novelty soon wears off. The main focus is on being able to manage your email - the setup we had synched straight to the exchange server and Outlook 2003 so I've not seen them setup with POP3 accounts or any other mail clients.

    The click wheel on them works well. It's easy to navigate through the menus and it feels solid enough.

    If you recieve a lot of email then they are ideal but other PDAs have caught up now. I had a QTEK 9100 for a while wunning windows mobile which worked really well.

    Go and have a feel of them in the shop and consider what you will mainly be using them for.

    Good luck

    Original Poster

    I like the idea of the push system for email, I have a m600 orange pda at the moment and love the touch screen, but sync with a Mac is a nightmare, the software is a bit flaky.

    Then I though about the Palm as it sync's with Apple staright away, but I can remember the old Palm systems with the 1gig memory and it just puts me right off
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