Blackberry Pearl - Good Deal?

    I currently work for Orange and a couple of the guys in work got Blackberrys. Not the most attractive handsets but they have their uses. Anyway i decided to have a look into pricing one as i reg use e-mail for Uni etc.

    I went over to O2 where i used to work lol and the girl offered me to my surprise:

    Blackberry Pearl (most attractive handset by far) £49.99 on a £15 per month unlimited e-mail and web browsing package. Thats it!!! I was sure i needed to take a seperate tariff along with the blackberry tariff but she put through anyway and all seems to be cool.

    I politely bit her hand off as the guys in work have just forked out over £150 for theirs. So now i can browse and e-mail as much as i want on the go all for £15 a month and a good quality handset for only £49.99. I thought this was a bargain. Can't wait to start HUKD ont he train to and from uni :thumbsup:

    By the way i get no mins or texts with this, i already have an O2 contract which gives me 500mins and 200 texts for £17.50 pm. Never gonna let that go either!


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