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Found 20th Apr 2006
Just picked up a BlackBerry 7230 and stuck my Vodafone PAYG sim into it. That's fine for calls, but I'd really like to get my emails on it too.

Does anyone know of any good deals on BlackBerry contracts?
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You mean just a contract or a contract WITH a blackberry phone??
Just the contract thx - I've already got the phone itself.
I'm quite sure you can just go for any contract then... Do you know if it's unlocked?? It didn't come with a SIM did it?? You can get totally free contracts after cashback, just choose the one you like, stick it in the blackberry and you can even sell the free phone you got on eBay. It only works if it is unlocked though.

EDIT: Ah no... I wasn't sure how they worked. You can't just use any contract. That's a bit of a pain. I'll see what I can do though!!
Thanks mate - much appreciated.
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