Blackberry push is it worth it?

    Just want to know whether its worth paying £5 a month for?
    What does it actually do other than informing me of a new email? Why is it better that going on the mobile browser to say hotmail and check my self?

    Will it restrict the phone in anyway if i do remove it?



    I don't think it's good value for money and not convinced of the benefits for the high cost.

    You can effectively get push email for free via Google Mail, plus most better Mobile phones out there will work with POP/IMAP/SMTP email which you can set to check at specific intervals.

    I've never had a Blackberry but if you can use it with Google Mail or POP I would do that instead.


    hi, the blackberry push is so that you receive your messages there and then, its instant. The only advantage is that you get your mail when someone sends it to you, rather having to wait a few minutes.

    I believe with the iphone and htc, it checks for new mail every 5 minutes, but you can check for new mail manually too.

    With the balckberry push you dont need to do any of that.

    If your with tmobile for instant email on devices other than a blackberry it costs around 3.50£. same concept just nott the blackberry service. Hope that helps

    oh and logging into your account just takes way to long. You would find this a hastle, having push, you can have all your emails downloaded to your phone, you can forward, reply etc immediately. Everytime you receive new mail would mean you having to log in, browse etc... i have tried this and without the push its so long
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