Blackberry Storm

    Anyone got the new BB Storm? If so what do they think of it?

    It is a toss up for me at the mo between the Storm and the Iphone so any info would be helpful.


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    i got it at launch. Its a great phone as i use email lots and thats very handy to have it pushed to your handset. the touch screen takes a little while to get used to, personally it took me only a couple of days to get the feel of it. Some people preffer the iphones touch screen but that is personal prefference, since i have never owned one then im not really affected by that.

    The battery life is great and the ability to get 16gb of memory is handy for compressing films and watching on the go. (although you may want to purchase another battery if your going to use it like that)

    As i said in another post the most frustrating thing is the lack of applications out for it. My brother has an Iphone and it left me gutted that there are a lot of very usefull apps for it, but its said that the Blackberry Application centre should start rolling out more in January- Febuary time. it has a Facebook and MS messenger application, the latter works particularly well. the facebook app mainly is to tell you when you have messeges in your inbox, which you can view and and reply from your handset amongst other things. Google maps works excellently and finds your GPS setting relativley quickly.

    It has the ability to cut and paste text from web pages, or telephone numbers which is very handy and if your like me and can't remember peoples birthday, when you add them to specific contacts they also appear automatically on the calendar application. The web browser is 'ok' its usable but you can download Opera Mini which is much faster at loading pages.

    There seems to be an issue with the 3G receiver, a lot of people including myself seem to get sporadic jumps in signal for no apparant reason, this has been reported and hopefully can be sorteed with a OS update sometime soon, although it doesnt render the phone useless, just annoying.
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