Blackberry STorm Mobile

    Anyone know of the best plan available for the Blackberry Storm?
    I know it is a vodafone mobile, but are other companies selling them too?
    When can we get hold of one?


    I know that the Vodafone competition ends later today which should mean that there'll be an announcement from Vodafone soon after. There is still no specific date although I know from speaking to a Vodafone CSR earlier this month, he thought the Storm would be out just after the competition ended. From what I have seen and heard elsewhere I would suggest the Storm would be out within the first two weeks of November.

    As this is very much something Vodafone has worked on closely with Blackberry, I wouldn't think there will be too many other companies offering this handset initially so it will be a case of going straight through Vodafone! With regards to price plans, I expect it will be a case of the same plans as currently being offered for Blackberry handsets on the network.

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    Thanks for that !
    And as far as a rival for the iPhone?
    Is it worth waiting for the G1?

    I would say it looks like a good phone but I think its too early to say if its a rival for the iphone. Its the first touchscreen phone Blackberry have made and it isn't even out yet so only time will tell if it is a genuine rival. I think like with the original iPhone it will take some tweaking and feedback from users to find out what its like.

    The G1 will be out in the next few days (30/10/08), it looks like it will be a good phone but personally I would be more inclined to hang on for a revised version before considering this as it's not the nicest handset to look at but should have lots of applications available for download thanks to google. If other companies make compatible devices then things will be even more interesting for the platform!

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    Its all exciting stuff!
    Thanks for your comments!
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