Blackberry Torch or Bold 9780

Hi guys i really need some help ere. Basicallyim going to go on contract for the 1st time ever, Im definitly getting a blackberry but i havent decided between Bold 9780 or the Torch.
Im hoping to get around £25 since i know a few ppl on £25 for these contracts, so if you could help me find the best deals that would be great since im a total neebie looking for contract stuff!
Many thanks in advance and much appreciated :P XxX


Since the Torch is just recently released, I don't think you would be able to get a contract for it for £25 a month, maybe in about 4-5 months or so you can. I got mine a month ago and its a £30 a month contract but I almost had to pay an extra £100 for the phone.If you get the £35 a month contract then the phone is free, this is with Orange.

mobiles.co.uk have both contracts at £25 p/m I think.

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thanks for the help guys, ermm yh checked sum rices can get the Torch at £25pm which i may do.
I found this deal dialaphone.co.uk/aw1…026 - bold n this one
mobiles.co.uk/ora…tml - torch. bbut it seems too good to be true could someone help me out please? Do these come with Bis? :P and is whats the difference in ordering online or instore besides price??
thanks in advancee
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I think if you order online you have to ring up to activate your phone and this takes upto 48 hours. But if you go to a store they may activate it there and then. I'm not sure what Bis is but I've noticed the mobiles.co.uk has 6 months half price and if you read the cashback details correctly you should work out what bills to send back. I'm not up to date on most of the phone stuff so hopefully someone else will reply with more information.

Oh and go through quidco for cashback

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hey thanks Liamowl, Bis = Blackberry Internet Service which is apprently what you need for BBM (Blackberry Messenger). Yeah i noticed that too, but im abit hesitant since its my first time! lol im not in the contract world, so i dont know whats good or not, i used to be a pay as you go. O gosh what is quidco? :L i have no idea what it is and i see it all the time on here please help meeeeee
Thanks in advance guys

You might get about £50 - £90 back with certan phone companies and can also go through it for other online retailers and get a small % back through other online transactions.
and I think the internet included can be used for bb messenger and stuff like that.

i got the 9780 through mobiles.co.uk last weeks for £25.53 with O2 on 24mth contract but with 10mths free by redemption and £50 Quidco so it works out at £12.81 mth (500mins+ unltd txt+500mb data)..... sadly i think the deal has ended but they can be found
awesome phone, had it two weeks now, downloaded loads of stuff but because it uses WiFi when available from my 500mb allowance i've 499.79mb left this month :-)

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Ive signed up to quidco now, but im still confused on hw it works i browsed the site a gd couple hrs last night and im still unsure on hw it actally works guys.
dialaphone.co.uk/pho…P7/ -- £21.50 Torch
dialaphone.co.uk/aw1…026 - £21.50 bold
Also i found these deals on dialphone i was wondering if you guys couldl help me out and see if theyre actually any gd?
Nice Curtlyb hw does it handle?

9780 the upgraded memory and camera are good enough!! if you want touch then iphones the best!!

if i were u i would look into either iphone or htc, tired of blackberrys and i feel its lost its edge over the others..
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