We're looking to stay in Blackpool for a couple of nights next week any good ideas where to look for any good deals preferably all inclusive?


    Have you looked at airbnb depending on your budget

    Britannia Hotels Ltd :: Halecroft, 253 Hale Road, Hale, Altrincham, Cheshire, WA­15 8RE
    Registered in England and Wales :: Registered Number 1343600

    They have 4 hotels in Blackpool. Not the best hotels but great value for money.
    Book through TCB.
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    Really need to say if a couple or lads / ladies party or a family. Different hotels for different breaks. I'd check trip advisor if I were you.

    Try Lytham. Nicer area and close x


    Try Lytham. Nicer area and close x

    ​It really isn't that close. You're looking at at least half an hour on the bus or £15 in a taxi. But it is nicer!

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    Family 2adults and 3 kids

    Travelodge at blackpool football ground is close to everything
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