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We are on holiday in Blackpool next week. Looking for any deals or best way to buy??? Many thanks
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Check your cereal boxes for the sea life vouchers 2 for 1 per voucher
We have merlin annual passes and went to Blackpool in April, a family friend without an annual pass joined us and we used the friend and family discount for him. If you are going to be doing all the attractions and maybe other trips in the year then it may be worth getting them (we also visited the legoland discovery centre in Manchester on our way up there as it isn’t too far).We also used Tesco vouchers for Blackpool zoo
If your staying a week maybe worth getting a week ticket for the trams. You can end up walking for miles if not. Always nice to jump on the tram to get back to hotel at the end of the day.
Blackpool transport
If going by train check out '' for 241 tickets into
Also when buying train tickets add on plus bus ticket to use on tram and bus to zoo.
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If you are going to the Pleasure Beach, “The Big Blue” hotel is the closest and I think you can book attraction packages with them.

When buying your ticket at the Pleasure Beach there are bundles like the Pleasure Beach, Passage Del Terror (a scare attraction) and three other attraction I think but I forgot what they are but they was at a reduced price though buying a bundle.
Pleasure beach Wristbands £22 with code june22
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