Blackpool - any tips / good places to go?

    Hey guys, heading up to Blackpool for the weekend today and just wondered if anyone has got any inside tips on good places to go / things to do / places to eat and drink etc?

    Obviously we are coming up for the illuminations and also Blackpool Pleasure Beach - just wondering if there is anything else we can sqeeze in!

    Thanks for any help


    if its raining or too cold and you have kids go into the sandcastle opposite pleasure beach our lot loved it in there

    The Flagship for easy women which is next to Coral Island Amusements ( If single males ).
    Walk of faith at the top of Blackpool Tower. ( Tower is great fun anyway ).
    Ripleys believe it or not outside the pleasure beach is excellent.
    Are you taking kids ? Louis Tussauds & The doctor who place both on the golden mile will keep them quiet.
    Take the tram to Fleetwood & discover the market there.

    Loads to do depends what your interests are. Enjoy yourself

    The Tower circus is brill for kids and the walk of faith ^^^^ is scary !!

    My sister is scared of heights so i had to go up there with her children whilst she waited elsewhere lol

    Are you coming up this weekend? The illuminations are only on until 7th Nov.x After they finish the trams stop running.

    I always think the illuminations finish too early,many a year i've missed them because i thought they were on until December.

    Harrowside chippy is nice,but it's a bit off the beaten track as it's about 10/15 mins from the Big One where the Big Blue Hotel is.

    Original Poster

    No kids, just myself, my girlfriend and two others

    Thanks for all your input guys, is there any extra fireworks etc for Bonfire Night? Heading up today and coming back Sunday evening so will catch the end of the illuminations too.

    Will definitely be going up the Tower - we are all big kids and will do the walk of faith lol

    Did you book online for the Pleasure Beach as it's cheaper that way,if not,have you still got time,you can do it 12 hours before your visit.

    if buying pleasure beach wristbands use code:1140 for them to be £20, got an email this morn
    i think they will have a fireworks display at stanley park(opposite the zoo)
    the zoo is good but its £14ish to get in
    theres a nice chinese/noodle bar on topping street in town called wah wahs
    or theres a nice buffet chinese on bond street, near the sandcastle side of blackpool, called jade delight
    seniors is the best chippy imo, but the2 we have arent in town, one is in st annes, the other poulton, but the poulton one is only 5mins from zoo/park by car on 2 straight rds.


    I was thinking of going this weekend.

    My bf doesn't like Blackpool though

    Went over Easter this year,I went with my parents and 3 children in tow. We went Pleasure Beach for 1 day,went in Sealife,went in the Tower and watched the circus,went in Sandcastle waterpark and went to the zoo aswell. Usual rides on donkeys and the piers.……ood

    We ate in here Swift Hound most the time,obviously your not going with children but it's child friendly. On the same carpark area there a Frankie & Benny's aswell as a McDonalds. There a Pizza Hut in town aswell as tons and tons of cafes. My parents like some of the cafes in the arcades such as Funland and Coral Island,in Coral Island it reminds me of a school canteen but hey they like it. It can be cheap to eat anyway.

    Went round plenty of shops, I was going have my palm read but never got round to it.

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    I was thinking of going this weekend.My bf doesn't like Blackpool though … I was thinking of going this weekend.My bf doesn't like Blackpool though

    me 2 its so borrrring & same old, same old, literally
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