Blackpool beach tide times

Posted 31st Jul 2020

We want to go to bpool beach today but we don't know what is a good time to visit because of the tide times

now I've gone off tide times before but I never seem to get them right and apparently it's a low tide at 3.07pm today

so is it best to visit the beach from then onwards?
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At a low or high tide it will stay at roughly and hour then come in or start to go back out.

Look for a high tide which is 9.06 today. So it will by now on it will have hit high and be on its way back out.
I always go about an hour after time stated on the internet. My local beach is stoney and this ensures there's lots of sand visible on arrival. But that's just my experience.
In other words for maximum beach time go about 2 hours after high tide.
A nice simple way to remember when the tides are coming or going is something I was told as a child, the tides are approximately twice a day and squeezing the water in, and out, regularly, they work on approximately 12ths.
For example the first hour after low water it comes in one 12th, the second hour two 12ths, third hour three 12ths, fourth hour three 12ths, fifth hour two 12ths and sixth hour one 12th.
This relates to the speed and the amount of water that actually flows, this is is telling you the speed of water in and out so therefore is answering your question, be it in a roundabout way, with some general information that I learnt as a child and I’ve never forgot since!
Xippi01/08/2020 07:57

Already been and I'm as red as a lobster

But thankyou. I'll use that next time
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