Blackpool have loads of wii fit

    Figured this is better in Misc as it's not a deal, just a heads-up on stock.

    See below


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    how is that loads?

    they may only have 1 and u got it


    lol yeh, all that proves is you were lucky enough to get one

    :thinking: that's kinda vague, i bet there's stock in the U.K as well

    Yeh, it doesnt prove anything.

    sold out now lol


    sold out now lol


    while others give the op stick have some rep for me because of this thread i just found argos near me had wii fit so getting it tomorrow, thanks

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    Well I know they had loads, despite the rueful remarks to the contrary, because I made sure 7 of my colleagues were informed at work, and they have all reserved one for pickup tomorrow. One went tonight. Only then did I post this thread.

    Glad you got a reservation allstar2

    ok so where are they in stock, anyone know?
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