Blackpool Pleasure Beach

Found 1st Apr 2011
I am going with the family to Blackpool Pleasure Beach in the next few months. I was wondering if anybody had found any deals or vouchers that might make the trip a bit cheaper. Many thanks.
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We used Tesco clubcard vouchers when we went, seemed like the cheapest way to do it.
You can also register on their site and they send offers through regularly. :-)
If you are planning on spending time on the rides, try and find armbands that allow unlimited goes on most (but not all) rides, most Fairs and Pleasure Beaches do them now. Its a one off fee and they usually pay for themselves after 5 or 6 rides.

You will have to weigh up wheather you think the rides on offer versus the price of armbands will be of value to you, something that it is probably best done when you get there.

You may be able to get more info on this site
Blackpool Armbands
ask again nearer the time. The pleasure beach changes its offers very frequently, so what is on now will most likely be finished in a couple of months. However wristbands are always cheaper to buy online than when you get there. I would sign up to the newsletter as they send exclusive offers etc. the rides are around £4-£5 a go (or was last time I checked) and I think wristbands online are between £20-£25.
Thanks for all your help I will be going round the end of May so I might ask again a week before. I will be buying the tickets online as you save around £10.
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