Blackpool pleasure beach or Alton Towers! Which place to go?

Found 6th Sep 2013
I'm planning a day out with the fam, just wanted to know which place you guys think is better. What are the pro's and cons of each. Thanks in advance :-)
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The pleasure beach is in Blackpool.
I don't have any positives.
I've never been to Alton Towers, but from what I've heard you''ll spend most of your time queuing. (_;)

The Pleasure Beach is overpriced, dirty and as previously pointed out, in Blackpool

If your kids are under teenage years I would recommend Gulliver's theme parks; much cleaner and a far more pleasant family day out.

I've found Legoland to be great fun too, but again expect lots of queuing.
My brother is saying we should go to Drayton manor park, has anyone here ever been there? is it any good?
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Blackpool and its "pleasure beach" is crap. On a positive note, if you go to Blackpool you can mingle with all of the past and future stars of Jeremy Kyle.

Stay away and enjoy your day at Alton Towers.
Thorpe Park.
No to Blackpool.

Alton towers is expensive and loads of queues.

Not been here, but this looks good
Alton towers can be cheap if you look for deals.
We spent two days there at the end of June.

4 adult tickets for 1st day were £30 from ebay(the sun promotion ones)
2nd day tickets were £4.80 each so £50 for the two days,great deal.

The queues are long but we managed to go on a lot. Lucky enough to be standing in the smiler queue for 90 mins when it broke down bit annoying but were given about 8 or 9 fast track passes so ended up going on loads more plus smiler in the end.

I have never been to Blackpool,don't fancy it though.

Alton towers is very busy and not the cleanest either though. Has really gone down over the years but my oldest two kids love it.
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Been to both

Pleasure beach, theres just not enough there to keep you occupied long enough

I quite like alton towers, and infact i find it the best value out of most of the theme parks. There are always tickets for cheap entry, or the family tickets are decent value, 2 day even better. Food is reasonably priced. You do queue a lot but you will do the same at any theme park. Scarefest is coming up soon, thats usually quite a fun time to be there the park is open late so its fun in the dark. we usually stay in travelodge near by. I usually go every other year for 2 days

lightwater valley not been for about 3 years, its ok, but only really enough to keep you occupied for one day tops, plus we found that there were quite a few things you still ended up paying for. I havent been back since

Flamingo land, i usually go yearly, and have just been for 4 days as they have a great camping deal on. not bad value if you get the bogof vouchers. food prices have lowered as they were getting extortionate. lots to do, plus has the zoo attached. A lot of queueing again, but also a lot of queue jumping, which is not acceptable. the place has improved in recent years.

Bought my wife one of those new coats made out of hamster looks great, but it took me 4 hours to get her off the Ferris Wheel at Blackpool pleasure beach ...
Recently went to Pleasure Beach & would recommend going. Some brilliant rides & queues were reasonably short. Longest queues were Wallace & Gromit and Avatar but we did the larger rides as the park was opening. Not been to Alton Towers yet but Thorpe Park is also worth considering. Alot more rides & alot more choices to eat but unfortunately longer queues. Get yourself some Kelloggs cereals as they usually have BOGOF vouchers on the box.
Just spent the past 2 days at Alton Towers :P

Most of the time for us was spent walking (huge place) and the longest we spent in a queue was 20 minutes, and didn't need to use a fast track all day, but it was raining..... Probably should mention that you shouldn't hold up a lot of hope for The Smiler though, past two times I've been, it's been broken down. Also, if your kids are old enough, and don't mind the possibility of going on rides in 1's and 2's, it's well worth taking the "single rider" lane; it gets you on pretty much straight away with zero wait times. An extra day there is less than a fiver each, and we found it pretty easy to keep ourselves occupied for the full time.

Rides are great though. Air is a bit slow for my liking, but Rita, Oblivion and Nemisis are pretty darn good.

PS. If you're going soon, don't get one of those damn unlimited refill drinks bottles. I watched people batting wasps away constantly with them (there are bins along the queue lines that love to go after people who can't run away with their sugary drinks)
I have not been to Pleasure Beach for around 3 years but I wasn't impressed that year I went. I'd go to Alton Towers for sure.
Without a doubt. Alton Towers.
A big thumbs down for Alton Towers for me over the last few years. Queues are horrendous, food & drink prices very steep & they even charge for parking.

Yes i know the Pleasure Beach is in Blackpool & the town doesn't have the greatest reputation but Blackpool & Fun are two words that go together. Free parking is available in Balmoral Road as well as just off the Prom close to the Pleasure Beach ( If you can get a space ) & you have the beach just across the road .

Blackpool wins hands down for me - just avoid the beggars

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