Bl**dy HMV deals!!!!!

    Do we really need every single game HMV have on offer listed seperately..........this is starting to get very very silly indeed.


    Don't look then.

    With no interest they'll disappear within minutes anyway.

    I assume you are the instant cold voter on them all then when they have been posted??? lol

    Anyway...........calm down's only a deals site.


    this belongs in feedback
    Edited by: "casparwhite" 9th Mar 2011

    Whats with the avvy caspar?


    this belongs in feedback

    Nope, this belongs in the spam bin.

    A deals a deal

    It can be annoying,same with the Choices stuff,i try to ignore them (_;)

    I agree with the op in that it's annoying. There are lots of people experiencing HMV cancellations when you order at a seemingly decent price too, or the price goes up when you 'add to basket'.

    The way I see it is that ordering from HMV is a lottery. Pointless.



    Whats with the avvy caspar?

    our new "wonder" signing

    Original Poster

    wouldnt mind but half of them seem to be deals that have been posted cheaper here very recently anyways.....

    thanks syzable....calmness has now washed over me!:)
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