Bleeping netbook help

    The last 3 times I've turned my net book on its bleeped at me and I've had to take the battery out to stop it. Then by process of trial and error when I press and hold down alt it loads up. Any ideas why its doing this anyone?


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    sorry I'm not techy its an Acer aspire one, and its a continues beep.

    sounds like a spilage on the kbd, if you are geting a continues beeps when the machien loads up into windows try every key in notepad and see if there all working sound like a spilage or a stuck key to me

    If it bleeps with different patterns try looking
    at this site - it gives you all the bleep codes (list on the right hand side)…htm

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    thanks for the help, fingers crossed its ok as it didn't do it this morning.
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