Found 29th Jan 2006
OK boys and girls, this time I am not asking for Robotic Baby Rocker or Networkable Microwave (although these things do exist!) but for a humble blender.

My missus had an idea of making our own home-made fruit purees and milkshakes so she decided to buy a blender for it. Both of us know absolutely nothing about blenders (I was looking for one with USB connector or 802.11n sort of thing but these are not available. Yet).

So... we bought argos.co.uk/sta…htm Cookworks Liquidiser from Argos for a mere tenner. It seemed to be alright with 400W motor, etc. Indeed, milkshakes were OK but when it came to purees, it simply refused to do the job.
I manually chopped an apple for pieces (1 cu cm each approx) and put it into said blender. When I started it, apple pieces were simply thrown away and not crushed/chopped or even touched by the blade. If I add milk (or any other liquid although I decided against flammables) then it makes purees (sometimes it even edible) but not of type we want.
I understand that use of blenders require at least two years in university but I have following questions:

1. Should blender make fruit purees without adding any sort of liquids into the bowl?
2. If (1) is wrong then what device I should buy to satisfy my requirements (purees AND milkshakes)?
2a. If (1) is correct, then I assume that blender I bought is not up to the task but there are some other models that should work for me. Can someone recommend a really good one which doesn't cost a fortune?
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I think, to make fruit purees, you have to cook the fruit first! :shock:
I thought you just take an apple, peel, chop it and then put into blender?
Kommunist, you want a food processor to make purees.
All my recipes say cook the fruit.
So it seems that I was wrong in my expectations. I had also chat with some friends offline and all of them (independently!) recommeding Braun MR5550 MHC&BC.
Yesterday I went to my local Tesco Extra to buy the £1.98 wok set. They also had a rather plush looking Morphy Richards Mixology blender reduced from £29.99 to £12.75. They had plenty in stock, I bought one and it works well as a blender, as well as being good for cocktails.

Don't know if it can make purees though :oops:
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