Blind fallen out - my problem or the landlords?

    Hello all. I am a first time renter and have just had my first 'disaster' and am not sure who's responsibility it is.

    We have the metal roller blinds throughout the house (, I had just finished dusting the ones in the dining room and was pulling the string to lift them up completely when they came crashing down.

    They have fallen off, taken quite a bit of plaster with them and caused some dints and scratches on the window sil.

    As I was just using them as they are meant to be used (surely they shouldn't fall out just from pulling on the string!!) I am thinking I should call the landlord and have him fix them? But at the same time we don't want to be **** tennants so if it's really our responsibility I'd rather just try and sort it ourselves.

    Any ideas/advice?


    If they weren't fitted correctly then it's his fault. However bit of filler, paint and screw them back up. Quick job.

    If the landlord put the blinds up then I would ring him. If you put the blinds up then its upto you to fix it.

    I am a landlord and i would prefer it if you contacted me !
    And any way it should be apparent that it was an accident by the way the plaster has fallen out.
    If you try to fix it and is noticed by him at a later date and he is not happy with you repair i think you are likely to loose your deposit possibley
    My opinion

    Original Poster

    They were up when we moved in, so not sure exactly who put them up but it wasn't us.

    would ring landlord dont wanna loose ya deposit

    You are not in Liverpool are you? I noticed a student desperately trying to put back a blind that had come away.

    Thankyou for your comment Star sparkle You are right i allways give more but i expect people to respect what i give them and they will get more i like nice and i dont do cheap & nasty

    It's your responsibility, but contact the landlord to see it he/she would prefer to sort it out.


    Yeh that's the way to be. I do look after the house, because hey I live … Yeh that's the way to be. I do look after the house, because hey I live here it's my home. But it does get to me that the landlords couldn't care less. Luckily I have very nice, helpful neighbours so if anything goes wrong,like the other month the toilet was blocked, the man across the road came over and sorted it out. I don't feel like I contact my landlord for stuff like that, which is wrong, eh?I have a shed in my garden and the roofing has withered away, I could buy the replacement myself and get my dad or a neighbour to fix it, but really my landlord should be doing it. But I don't feel like I could call him and he would do anything about it.When I first moved in, the heating had broke down, his first response was well it's not winter yet, why do you need the heating? LOL He did sort it out tho', but only cos his brother in law is a plumber and he got the job done for free.

    I do lots of work on rented property as i am in the roofinf & construction buisness and work for property agencies, and i am disscusted the way landlords let their properties fall into such dissrepair and are only interested in collecting the rent.
    one thing i would allways say is if there is something like your shed and it is with the property allways bring it to the attention of your landlord in writing and keep a copy of the letter as you never know what will happen when you are going to part company better to be safe then sorry "Dave's Top tip of the day " lol
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