Hi there im looking to get someone to fit my house with some vertical blinds, was wondering where the best place to get them from is ?


    look in your local paper, ours has several people selling them

    Ours were 3 for £99 fully fitted any size

    I think we used, they are owned by Hillarys so decent quality but much cheaper as you have to install them and measure for them yourself. You can get free samples of materials to get an idea of what you want, and I seem to remember gettign about 10% cashback from Quidco or Topcashback. Can't check all the details at the moment as I'm at work, but worth a look. We were very impressed - and they still look good a couple of years later.

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    cheers people
    yeah mike i checked them out looks good the ones we have at the moment are hillarys and have had them years so might give it a try

    cheers again
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