Posted 21st Jan 2023 (Posted 1 h, 3 m ago)

Is there a way to get them to work together? I want a cheap doorbell cam but have Google Minis and Google Hub.

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    Not really unfortunately, you can use ifttt to link in and enable / disable cameras and the doorbell but not for viewing the doorbell or getting alerts / notifications unfortunately. We were In the same boat, luckily we had a firestick and firecube so just set the blink to alert through the firecubes speaker instead which works fairly well. You can download the Alexa app and have it notify through your phones too.. just means they'd need to be on loud so you'd hear it.

    If you have a firestick you can use that too, but it would have to be plugged in all the time the TV turned on to get the notifications though.. deffo a decent cheap doorbell.. maybe worth getting that and a cheap Alexa just to use for alerts / as the chime maybe? (edited)
    Thanks. I just want something that alerts me if someone turns up at the house or if family members with keys go in. Maybe a WiFi camera is better suited for that?
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