Blink XT camera how to attach it outside without drilling?

Found 28th Jun
I am trying to attach Blink XT camera outside my window with no drilling involved.

The only option i can think of is suction cup phone holder attached to window itself.

Can you recommend suction cup strong enough to withstand all kind of weather please?
I can always cover suction part with some foil and use gorilla tape to stick it to the window.

Any other ideas?
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You can use the go pro type 3m foam double sided adhesive. it won't come off as easy as a suction cup. ( my dashcam is held onto my windscreen with it) on provision you're sticking it to the window of course.
You might as well just give it in the hands of a potential burglar
Superglue it to the window, it’ll come off again with a Stanley blade scraper without damaging the glass.
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