Blinking heck.. i found that new ryanair song!

    If you've been on an FR flight recently you have probably heard this.. a rather err interesting song i have to say!…TG8



    I've flown with Ryanair loads of times & think they're Ok (no worse than any of the others ! )
    song made me smile

    Eurovision much?
    That song is terrible!

    Original Poster

    I am so downloading that.


    Eurovision much?That song is terrible!

    Just what I thought - I can't believe that it's genuine. First the Turkey and now this.

    My husband has vowed to play it on the way to the airport, problem is we do a shuttle service!!!!

    Heh I have found the spin off song to the Lets fly ryanair's really's called Mr have got to check it out on's abit like the crazy frog.…7Xg
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