Blinking Iphone Invisible Shield

just received my 3g 16gb iphone in post from o2 and spent an hour fixing the zagg invisible shield... it looks crap and the corners are awful, all bubbly... it doesn't even fit onto the docking stand... what a waste of money!


Ive never got on with the Invisible sheilds. Ive tried them on so many different devices and just cant get the technique right. They suck!

I've literally just installed an invisibleshield on my viewty. Id previously done 2 on ipods and they looked great. Can you see any bubbles when the phone is off? If so then use the tool to try and remove them. If its when you turn the screen on, then it hasnt dried yet, it states you should let it dry for 24 hours. When i first installed one onto my ipod i thought it looked **** but i hadnt let it dry, once it had tho it looked great, its been on for the past year and a half.
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