Bliss Island Free Full PC Game Download

One for the kids...

Join a furry blue friend for original fun in this unique challenge. With his air-blowing trunk, Hoshi can rock and roll his way through a circuit of challenges designed to test even the best air-blowers. Help Hoshi be the best of Bliss Island by blowing through more than 90 levels of wacky and weird fun.


As a gift to Code M members, the fantastic Bliss Island (£14.95 value) is yours to own and keep for FREE! Play as often as you like for as long as you like - there's no hidden catch or cost. Be sure to share the Bliss and give this gift to your Friends and Family!


I downloaded this, but it crashed after the first level was completed

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I downloaded this via the Sun website, but after a few minutes play my PC bluescreened every time.
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