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    Hello people! I thought I would leave a little tip to poeple who use 4OD a lot like me. You can really easily block the adverts when watching 4OD using Adblock Plus. First download Firefox and then search for the addon "Adblock Plus." Then it will ask you to "subscribe" to a free filter subscription. Click Easylist. And thats it. Once it's added to firefox it should block all adverts in 4OD as well as any other site for that matter. Don't confuse this with a popup blocker. This disables all adverts within a webpage.

    This might not be new info for some but it might help others.

    I should point out that most websites are funded by adverts so if there are some sites you visit often it might be worth disabling the adblocker and clicking some links to help fund the site.

    Cheers all!


    Isn't there a hosts file configuration too for non-firefox users?

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    Isn't there a hosts file configuration too for non-firefox users?

    I think there probably is but I think this is easier with added benefits!

    The extension is also available on Chrome btw

    Old news but definitely worth spreading it. Works on ITV player and TV Catchup too.
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