Blockbuster 9.99 game trade in

does anyone know what 360 games blockbuster are doing there 9.99 trade in for? ie can i trade in stranglehold and get the orange box for 9.99?


I might be wrong but i think that offer is stopped

Just ring your local branch and ask them:thumbsup:

I was in my local yesterday and noticed that is now 14.99 + trade in of selected title now

Some stores have stopped the offer and some have upped the offer so you have to pay £14.99

Strangelhold isnt in the offer no more as tried to trade mine in about 2 weeks ago and was told the value of the game at trade in is £22

Halo 3 and Sega Rally are still on the list but cannot remember what else is

The 9.99 deal is pretty much a con. There's only 4 games on the list each week that will get you another game for 9.99 when you trade them in. They're literally games that have just come out in the last 2 weeks. Anything else and you'd be better off selling your used game on ebay and purchasing the one you want from somewhere that doesn't charge 39.99 for new games.

I take it Bioshock is not on the list anymore ?
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