Blockbuster GTA rental or trade in please help!

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Found 28th Apr 2008

I have been away from this site for a while and i have just managed to get a friend to post this for me

Can anyone tell me if block buster are renting copies of GTA 4 tomorrow or not

also does anyone know the blockbuster (although anywhere else would be good - but mainly block busyter) trade in prices for
Halo 3
Fight night round 3

Also do they trade in original xbox (not 360) games - im broke and i want to play GTA tomorrow!

if anyone knows this i can read this post - but not reply from my mobile phone - either that or email me at [email protected] (obviously dont type in my first name!!! - my real name is at the bottom of post - also notice the . )

thanks - normally i would phone blockbuster but i am out and about - so i cant


(hint hint - thats my name!)

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Would be very surprised if they had it as rental from tommorow.
However trade in wise:

Halo 3 - £12
Stranglehold - £11
Oblivion - £12
FNR3 - £13

Those are all estimates mind...

They dont do new game rental's, should be avail after a few week's.

I am unsure whether it will be available to rent tomorrow, sorry.

On the other hand, I went to trade in Skate the other day and was offered £12 credit. Luckily before I went I printed out the trade in price from cex which was £21, and they accepted it! They weren't very happy doing it, but they have to match any offer you have proof of. The great thing is the store doesn't even need to be in your town (has to be high street).

My advise would be to goto and print off the trade-in prices for all your games. Then take your games to Blockbusters to see what they will offer you, if they're not better than CEX pull out the slips and ask them to match! I should think you'll get more than enough from that collection in order to purchase GTA.

Edit: Just checked the prices for you:

Halo 3 (standard) £11
FNR3 £13
Oblivion £10
Stranglehold (standard) £8

Thats a total of £42 (GTA is £39.99 I believe), make sure you ask the individual prices of each game, as Blockies may beat some of these prices.

Good luck!

Oh yeah, I also printed out the nearest cex address from me (30 miles), just in case they asked for it. Didn't need it, but could help as some people haven't heard of CEX before. I also called to confirm before going down to ensue they did price match.

I work for block busters and no were not getting gta4 in to rent unti lat least 2 weeks after release day
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