blockbuster online dvd rental - are they any good?

    trying to pick an online rental firm - are blockbuster any good?

    unsure about lovefilm after reading some of the stuff on here.



    i use tescos and havent hada problem

    I have used tesco aswell and havent had a problem, have also used Lovefilm and never had a problem. Tesco were easier to cancel with though

    I have had love film for 9 months now 3x3 free trials.
    Go with
    Join that way for £15.00 cash back.
    Wont track but claim is easy i have £47.00 waiting to pay me from love film deal.
    Use code on here for 3 month free trial.
    When joining look for small blue word where chosing package.
    Will say above choices WANT to rent games look HERE is in blue click that for dvd blu-ray and games.
    Chose highest package and your done.
    To stop
    Take your last discs to the post office and get proof of postage and cancil the deal at night on line so no please please please stay and pay calls lol.
    Then join blockbuster and do the same free dvd etc for a while.

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    cheers guys.

    if anyone has any blockbuster feedback - appreciated.

    I tried blockbusters once, they are very good

    they have also sent me a couple of golden tickets since then (7 films or games for £4.99)

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    thanks hassony
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