Blockbuster Rental Prices?

    Does anyone know how much it is to rent a blueray dvd from blockbuster? and for how long?

    is there any cheaper places?

    also is it cheaper for students?

    thanx in advance


    ive never checked the blu ray section but think the normal DVDs are £3.95 for two nights, so blu ray may be slightly more expensive. (cant imagine it being more than £5)
    If your after a good deal try love film or similar, loads of places have an online rental system where you pay £10-15 a month which gets you a few movies a month, save money on petrol and simply post them back when you've watched with no late charges, as soon as they get received they send out your next choice from your online list.
    Go via Quidco for these companies as you can normally get a months trial and earn cashback too.

    I think new releases are £3.95 a night and older ones are like £3 a week(though they seem to have films as new releases for months after release)


    lovefilm is free and you can have 3 disks at home at any one time!

    has plenty of blu-rays

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    thanx every1, i went with the 90 day trial with lovefim
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