Blockbuster Returns Advice

    A member on here kindly bought a copy of Fifa 09 for me when it was on offer in Blockbuster & sent it down to me for the price of the game & postage.

    It was a preowned copy & I had some problems (not the sellers fault I must add) & managed to get another copy from blockbuster last night when they had a trade in.

    This one wouldnt even start up before saying the disk was unreadable (all other games work fine, the show has had a few similar)

    Anyway, I took it back today with details of the store it was purchased & said they had 3 copies in stock, also that I had been told by the manager that I could get some brought in from another store.

    The woman there just said it would take a while & pretty much said she couldnt order it & gave me the store details back & suggested I drive & exchange it as I couldnt get a refund without a recipt.

    Bearing in mind I am in South Cumbria & the other store is in Glasgow so we are talking a good 350 miles round trip & about 7 hours driving, I just walked out.

    The seller has been very helpful & I have just sent him a PM to see if he still has the original recipt.

    What I was wondering was though if we went down, saw the manager & made a bit of a fuss do you think we should be able to get a refund?

    Cant be bothered trying to deal with them as the woman just annoyed me today & it would be the 3rd copy that I got.

    Any advice would be appreciated.



    If it is clearly marked as a Blockbuster item, I don't see a problem in you getting a voucher/credit note. A refund on the other hand I see as unlikely.

    i got a copy of this game from my locall blockbuster. same thing, didnt work. got refund ok. email head office about it, you may get better luck.

    or you could go back in when that woman wasnt working. get it sorted then

    just thought you could ring the store it was purchased from, they may have record off sale, get them to confirm this with the store you are exchanging with. hope this helps
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