Blockbuster shops

    Someone has left the cordless phone from the charger so I am unable to make a phone call.

    I used the Blockbuster store for the first time yesterday but neglected to ask what time the films have to be back today.

    Any ideas?


    i think it's by 5pm


    well thats much better than i thought :O
    i've been rushing around making sure i get them back before 5.

    Original Poster

    I am hoping it's ten....many thanks for posts.

    My Blockbusters is 10pm aswell, Although i think its "Before the shop shuts" is what they normally tell me.

    mine is 9 just to confuse things !

    They will normally tell you an hour before closing (9pm in most cases), but this is only so they don't have to bother doing the job they're paid for and checking in any returns delivered by closing time. Obviously any films returned before closing have to be scanned in and returned to the shelves or the customer will be unfairly charged a late fee, but they'll do everything they can to avoid staying a minute past closing (even though they'll get paid until 10.15pm). They especially hate the drop box being used and I know people in my store used to tape it up so they didn't have to bother emptying it.

    Basically, take your films back as late on the due day as you like as long as it's by closing time

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