blockbusters crossgates ls15 reopening today

    my local blockbusters store in crossgates ls15 has reopened today, they have loads of deals and cheap offers on so figured i would pass the info to anyone whos local or willing to travel there

    new game releases 20% off
    20% off all pre-owned consoles
    20% off all blu-ray movies
    pre-owned consoles instock from £59.99 but doesnt list which
    100 crazy opening day specials the best being

    45x lg blu ray players with 2 movies £19.99
    25x xbox 360 consoles + £46 worth of vouchers £79.99
    25x ps3 consoles + £46 worth of vouchers £79.99
    5x nintendo 3ds consoles + £46 worth of vouchers £99.99


    I was in blockbusters in Doncaster on sunday and can't believe the price they are charging for stuff. Needless to say i didn't buy owt. A year ago or whatever i used to go in regular to lick up a few games. Too dear now. Can get most of their preowned stuff brand new in town.

    Asked out curiousity how much they'd pay for Crysis 2 limited edition dlc still intact n they said £15 off anything in store. Ruthless.

    Original Poster

    i used to go in alot aswell but mostly buy online, but some of the opening day deals my local are having and the prices arent too bad for a reopening
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