Blockbusters - how long do I get to keep a movie for?


    I have a Daily Star voucher for a free rental and a packet of sweets - was considering going down there to use it but dunno how long I get to keep the film for (tomorrow it won't be convenient for me to take it back that's why I want to kn-ow)

    Thank yous x



    1 night or if you borrow 2 2nights usually

    1 night i think

    Depends what movie you get I think.

    As pointed out above if you want a new release then its 1 night only if just renting 1 movie.

    If you want ET you can have that for a week:thumbsup:

    Original Poster

    oh, thanks guys - will just leave it today then probably

    I got the same deal. Only one night with freebie voucher.

    Was it in todays paper?
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